Communicating the Human Voice of Climate Change

Continuing this blog's exploration of language within the green movement, there was a great DotEarth post the other day about communication. Quoting from Dr. Randy Olson, a marine biologist and author, comes a different view of the issue. He thinks that rather than focusing too much on the package we should be focusing on its contents: the message of how climate change is affecting and will affect human beings, communicated in a down-to-earth, human-to-human style.

You can come up with all the clever terms you want, but if they are spoken by environmental leaders who are perceived as cold, calculating, and manipulative, the broader audience will simply disconnect. Not because of the language, but because of their basic instincts leading them to not trust the voice they are hearing.

Recently Fake Plastic Fish linked to an inspiring video by a young person who appeals to this human level. Watch the video below and see if you agree.

There is a lot of news recently about the way climate change is disproportionately affecting people in developing nations. The problem is, many of these folks can't get their human voice to the rest of us so easily: Facebook and Youtube aren't quite so handy. Nevertheless, nations like our own that have created a climate debt with the rest of the world must figure out a way to address how our destinies are inextricably linked with those of people all across the globe.

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