Climate Week in New York City

Beginning on September 20th government officials, business leaders, and scholars will all gather in New York City for a week to attend meetings and events dedicated to combat climate change.  Climate week will serve as a precursor for the climate change summit which will take place this December in Copenhagen.

UN Chief Ban Ki-moon is in charge of the climate week "seal the deal campaign." He is eager to bring about change and make real progress in reducing climate change as he states, "This year we have an unprecedented opportunity to change course and retool our economies to generate green growth, green jobs for lasting recovery."  World leaders must come up with a new plan to battle climate change and override the Kyoto Protocol which is expected to expire by 2012.

As climate week is meant to promote awareness and activism on issues surrounding climate change a list of events featured during climate week can be found on this link.    Also, feel free to show world leaders that fighting climate change is a high priority and ought to be taken seriously by signing the "seal the deal" climate petition!

If any of you plan to volunteer for NYC climate week please be sure to leave a comment about what you did. We would appreciate it.

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