Climate Change Art Contest: For students and non-students

This blog has been exploring the best ways to communicate about green issues, particularly the urgency of climate change. This is an issue close to the heart of Andrew C. Revkin, blogger at NYT's Dot Earth, as well. He has also been questioning what graphics might be most effective in portraying our planetary peril. Now DotEarth is holding an art contest parallel to one being offered for students by Art as a Citizen.

The group’s mission is to encourage art students to pursue “pragmatic social engagement, asking them to confront issues that will directly impact American society and their own lives.” The contest, for undergraduate and graduate art students and recent degree recipients, includes significant cash prizes and is entirely the private organization’s idea and responsibility.

The deadline for the Art as a Citizen contest is July 31, but if you don't meet the student qualification, don't let your ideas and graphic sensibility go to waste. DotEarth will be posting the artistic depictions of climate change by any artists on their blog.

See details here, and let us know if you do post a submission.

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