Chicken Soup for the New Dream Soul

I am honored to serve on the board of the Center for a New American Dream, because this organization gives me hope in an ever-more discouraging time. Just watch the daily news and you’ll hear how the economy can no longer meet the needs of all of our citizens; the planet is warming; our community connections are weakening. Some days it really feels as if the sky is falling.

But in this Chicken Little world, New Dream is like a dose of soothing chicken soup.

It’s simple. Chicken soup is delicious without truffles or caviar; a reminder that it doesn't take bling to make a full, abundant life. Often, less truly is more. And, like life, chicken soup is simple to prepare but made truly awesome by the love and care that go into it. At the core, this is what New Dream is all about. 

It’s nourishing. New Dream takes the positive, affirming stance that we can have more of what really matters for each of us individually, for our families, for our communities, and for our nation. By feeding our hearts, our passions, and our connections to each other, we make a better world.

It’s comforting. New Dream offers a community of people who are all focused on the value of simple abundance and the fun in prioritizing family and community. I take comfort in such good company! 

It’s better when shared. Just as a good meal is better when shared, so are these ideas.  New Dream’s tools and conversation-starters help me share my values and my choices with friends and family, offering them the opportunity to have more of what matters, too.

Most of all, it’s healing. New Dream is redefining what it means to “have it all”, shifting attitudes and changing the culture. Together, we are reconnecting communities and redirecting our energies toward healing our neighborhoods, our nation, and our world.

Now that I think about it, maybe it’s not chicken soup at all. Maybe the Center for a New American Dream is more like Stone Soup, in which we all work together, combining our own unique contributions to make more than enough for all of us.

And you can contribute, too, by making an end-of-year gift to help support New Dream’s values-based programs and resources

We’re all in this together, so I hope you’ll join me to make more of what matters. 

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