CFLs: Please use responsibly

So you've gotten used to heading straight towards compact fluorescents when you need to buy more light bulbs. But what do you do with them when they burn out? These bulbs may do their part to save energy during their useful life, but what about their end-of-life plan? CFLs need to be disposed of properly because they contain a small amount of mercury. The Lighter Footstep invites you to take the CFL Recycling Challenge to not only keep your bulbs out of landfills but spread the word about CFL disposal. One of their seven steps:

Right now?—?before you need to dispose of a CFL?—?find out about the recycling options in your community. A great resource for all things recycling is Earth911. A number of retailers, such as Home Depot, are sponsoring recycling programs. Find out Five Ways to Dispose of Old CFLs here at Lighter Footstep.

If you're dragging your feet about switching to the next generation of lightbulbs, it may be because you don't know how to buy them. They're not all curly and the wattage may not be a one-for-one equivalent. Read more about buying hte right CFL from Lighter Footprint.

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