Cater to the Earth: Tastebud-friendly, Tofu-optional

Cater to the Earth

What's for dinner today and how does it affect our tomorrow?

Is it possible to eat conveniently, tastefully, and frugally at the same time?

What attitudes about food do we bring to the table, and should all of them (or any of them) be changed?

What facets of the food industry can be made more healthful and sustainable by individual choices, and which ones require changes on an industrial or political level?

What makes processed foods so hard to resist?

Can you reduce or eliminate meat from your diet without eating any tofu?

These are the sorts of questions we at New Dream have been asking in the last few months while preparing for our new Cater to the Earth campaign.  Of course, many of us have consciously adopted dietary practices, avoiding certain foods while seeking out others. In the process of researching the food industry, however, it became clear that most of us are only aware of a small portion of our food's story. Why is that? Looking down at the relative strangers that are our salad or main course, how would they seem to us if we knew better where they came from?

Cater to the Earth intends to ask a lot of questions and to find answers, but not alone. While we're getting at the collective aspect of food, we can only get there via the personal. Food is an intensely personal issue, coming down to cultural, regional, and health factors as well as tiny tastebuds. There's no one right way to eat well, just as there's no single solution to the problem of food sustainability. We hope that you, the New Dream community, will provide the variety that will be the spice in this food campaign.

At the end of the holidays' feasting and at the beginning of a new year, look for a call for recipes and other opportunities to discuss the many dimensions of food.

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