Breaking all the beverage container habits!

This post is written by ALex Eaves of STAY VOCAL, a C3 partner. It's the first in our guest blogging series!

This month's C3 campaign is not only extremely important, but seriously, it's just such an easy habit to break! All you have to do is two simple things:

  1. Get a reusable bottle.

  2. Remember to bring it with you wherever you go.

Keep the bottle in your car, or keep it in your bike, or keep it in your bag or get two or three of them that you always have in each location. Then there's almost no excuse for forgetting to use it. This is a practice I have been doing for a few years now and not just for water, but for all beverages.

In my car, I always have two of my STAY VOCAL travel mugs: one for water and one for coffee. (Coffee flavored water isn't always thirst quenching.) I do this because I travel a lot and I don't want to get stuck somewhere using a throw-away cup. Not to mention, my mugs have facts about container waste on them (see the picture below), so I like the servers to know exactly why I am using the mug.

As I have been drinking coffee for about 15 years and traveling the world for about seven years , I have been to a ton of different coffee shops. But being a New England native, most of the coffee I've had was from Dunkin' Donuts. According to their website, "Dunkin' Donuts is the world's largest coffee and baked goods chain, serving more than three million customers per day." But sadly, they are also one of the only chains to still use Styrofoam for their single serving coffee cups.

And most of their customers do not own and/or remember to use a travel mug or simply care how bad styrofoam is for the environment. So, we are promoting an email campaign to tell Dunkin' Donuts to stop using Styrofoam and at the very least, change to paperboard, which is much more biodegradable. Visit Dunkin' Donuts' product feedback page to tell them to break the Styrofoam habit.


In the meantime, you can do your part by making sure to bring a reusable container every time you get coffee, water or any other beverage when you're out. If you're interested in getting one of our ReUse Travel Mugs, please visit our online store.

About ALex and STAY VOCAL:

I grew up in a small, sheltered suburb of Boston. But when I ventured out to the city for college, everything changed. After running a street promotions company for a few years, I began touring with many different politically active bands and organizations, but I wanted to do even more. So, in 2003, I started STAY VOCAL.

STAY VOCAL focuses on common problems and issues in the world today and presents positive ideas to help change them. By providing a variety of vehicles that embrace different fashions, styles, and humor, this company is here to help people get vocal. We want to help manifest a better future for everyone. Everything surrounding this company focuses on beneficial ways of thinking, advancing and getting involved. We are the voice of a progressive, positive world. On the web at

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