Bottled Water Sales Decline

Success! For the first time in five years sales of bottled waters have declined, a change due in part to environmental activists and environmentally-minded consumers who have spread the word that the real difference between bottled water and tap water is the price tag.  Joan Holleran, Director of Research for market research firm Mintel, states "People might still be buying bottled water, but you can bet that they're refilling those bottles."

Next to soda and milk, bottled water was the third most popular beverage industry.  "Sales of bottled water swelled 59 percent to $5.1 billion between 2003 to 2008, making it one of the fastest growing beverages. About 70 percent of consumers say they drink bottled water."  However, it seems that the current recession and campaigns to ban bottled water for reasons such as resource conservation and reduce landfills has brought about change.

Nestle, the largest seller of bottled water throughout the United States, which sells brands such as Deer Park and Poland Spring faced a drop of 2.9%.  Studies from Beverage Marketing Corp. report that bottled water consumption dropped from 8.8 billion in 2007 to 8.7 billion gallons last year.

According to Food and Water Watch, 17 million barrels of oil are required for trucks to deliver bottled water throughout the United States.

Get more information about bottled water here or take the Break the Bottled Water Pledge.

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