Bottled Tap Water? Yep, You Heard Right!

Ok, so I know that 40% of bottled water is really just tap water masquerading as fancy-shmancy mineral-enhanced, brain-boosting, extra-hydrating, performance-enhancing, thirst-quenching, super-purified water. And I know that most of us have, at one point, fallen for it. But apparently the bottled water trend is now so totally normalized that people are willing to purchase bottled water that’s simply labeled as tap water! Even better—it’s tap water that’s being promoted as a “local” alternative. Ahh, way to appease the greenies and localvores among us, oh bottled water companies. How’s that for greenwashing at its finest? Can’t wait to see what they come up with next…!

From Gothamist:

September 2, 2008

2008_09_tapd.jpgReader La Mariposa took this photograph of bottled NYC tap water on sale at a local store. Now, we know that NYC tap water is pretty darn delicious (it did get first place at the state fair last week), but is it worth buying a bottle full of it?

The Tap'dNY strategy doesn't hide the fact that they "purify and bottle New York City's famous tap water, leaving out the malarkey and far journey included in other bottled waters." Instead, it wants to be an "honest and local alternative for all New Yorkers"--perhaps a nod to how some bottled water marketers haven't always said their water was from humble taps--and even points out that refills are free at faucets in the city (after a few refills, you recycle the bottle).

Alternate idea: Invest in a Nalgene or Camelbak Better Bottle or aluminum Sigg bottle . And not everyone has access to such great water-- consider donating to causes, like Charity:Water (see a PSA), which try to bring fresh water to other parts of the world

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