Board Member Juliet Schor Weighs in On NYT Debate: Food and Environment

New Dream Board Member Juliet Schor was published in the New York Times as part of Room for Debate: Toilet Paper and Other Moral Choices.  She discussed an issue integral to our Cater to the Earth Campaign: the relationship between food choices and environmental impacts.

Compared to producing vegetables or rice, beef uses 16 times as much energy and produces 25 times the CO2. A study on U.S. consumption from the University of Chicago estimates that if the average American were to reduce meat consumption by just 20 percent, that would be the equivalent of switching from driving a Camry to a Prius.

Americans currently rank second in world in meat consumption, weighing in at 271 pounds a year, up from 196 pounds 40 years ago. And that doesn’t include dairy. We get an estimated 75 grams of protein a day from animals, and 110 grams total; the government recommends only 50 grams a day.

Read the full article here.

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