Beyond Crunchy Granola

A teaser from "Shopping to Help Save the World," a recent MSNBC article on conscious consumption as an increasingly mainstream practice:

Here’s the type of conundrum that Wendy Richardson often finds herself debating: If she is three miles from her office and realizes she has forgotten her reusable water bottle, is it more environmentally  to drive her Toyota Prius hybrid back to get it, or to walk 100 feet to a convenience store and buy a bottle of water?

 Most people wouldn’t even think twice about buying the bottle of water, then tossing it in the trash. But Richardson is the type of person who tries, with everything she does, to literally help save the world.


Ok, so this example may be hyperbolic (then again... maybe not?). But I can imagine that many of us relate to the sentiment-- and confusion-- that Richardson expresses. We're out there trying to do the right thing, to consider each decision thoroughly and consciously, but with real-world constraints and tons of conflicting information about what product/brand/alternative is actually greener... whew. It can make the head spin.


While the title, "Shopping to Help Save the World," is a bit of a misnomer, as the article profiles those who promote both the shift and reduce messages, this article provides an overview of the breadth of considerations we confront in choosing to green our lifestyle.


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