Beer Is Mostly Water Anyway

The Vermont Brewers Festival kicks the Bottled water habit and takes back the tap!During Medieval times in Europe, the public was advised to drink beer instead of water because the public water supply was contaminated and beer brewing kills those contaminants. But today, as any seasoned beer festival-goer knows, its important to keep hydrated when you are tasting beers -- especially when 18 Vermont craft brewers are offering their samples under the summer sun.

But New Dreamers wouldn't want to be caught toting a disposable plastic water bottle because you know that conscious consumers are kicking the bottled water habit and taking back the tap.

That's why we were happy to hear that our partners at Food and Water Watch have teamed up with the Vermont Brewers Association to go bottled water-free at this years Vermont Brewers Festival.

The Festival is July 17-18, 2009 at the Burlington Waterfront Park. Check out the website for advance tickets and remember, even though beer is mostly water, its important to balance the beer intake with fresh, clean Vermont tap water, so pack a reusable water bottle (or buy one of the canteens they'll have available) and fill 'er up at the Festival's free water station.

And if you need a refresher on why and how to Take Back the Tap, visit New Dream's water website or download our free Responsible Purchasing Guide to Bottled Water Alternatives.

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