Banning the Plastic Bag: The Voice of the Industry

Most of us know by now: the plastic bag is bad for the earth. This disposable container that lasts hundreds of years in the landfill is an unnecessary source of waste and a guzzler of oil. Could there be any upside to churning out more single-use bags? The industry says there is. The New York Times reports from the Plastindia 2009 Convention in New Delhi, where ironically some of the toughest penalties are being imposed on plastic bag use.

It's a fascinating portrait of the global- and industrial- perspective on what seems to be an open-and-shut case of wanton waste. Read the entire article.

“Politicians have gone overboard,” said Arvind M. Mehta, president of the Plastindia Foundation, the trade group sponsoring the conference. “Our industry is facing a problem and we have to fight.”

Seated in a makeshift office of four plastic walls behind a faux-wood plastic desk at the convention, Mr. Mehta repeated a line similar to one used by pro-gun groups in the United States: it is not the plastic bag that causes the problems, he said, it is the person who uses it.

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