AM Inspiration: Where does community begin?

Where does community begin? As reported in an earlier blog post about consumption's false promises of connectedness, Americans are far more socially isolated than they were 20 years ago, according to a Duke University study reported in the Washington Post. Yet we are increasingly preoccupied with the idea of community-building: it is the concern of city planners and grassroots advocates, social clubs and social networking sites. Community, whether virtual or actual, is an elusive connection which is easier felt than described. While there are many worthy efforts devoted to creating or rejuvenating communities, they may have their start very close to home.

Instead of a poem today, watch this short film, "Validation," directed by Kurt Kuenne, winner at several film festivals. It's on the long side, though definitely worth the 16 minute time investment. Watching up through the 3 minute mark will give you the gist of the story and some ideas about how human connections begin with looking around and making small gestures.

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