A fun reuse/recycle idea for your plastic bags

So you have a lot of plastic bags (that you're no longer going to be accepting at the grocery store because you're now using reusable bags), and you might be concerned about what actually happens to those bags when you take them to be recycled by turning them back into the stores. Here's something fun that you can do at home to reuse and recycle those bags, and possibly create a simplified holiday gift from the heart.

(Granted, we don't recommend that you buy a backpack from a thrift store just for the parts--that kind of defeats the reuse/recycle theme here. See what you can find around your house, through freecycle, craigslist, and other such venues. You'd be amazed what's out there!)

Update: I tried it over the weekend and it really was fun and easy! I made a small little pouch that seems to be quite durable.

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