Greatest Greenwashers Photo Contest!

Ever stumbled across an ad or billboard promoting a product as environmentally sound when it's clearly anything but? And then, after that initial "Oy, seriously?!" moment, wished you could share the humor with someone like-minded? Here's your chance!

The C3 blog is excited to introduce the Greatest Greenwashers photo contest. Next time you see a shameless attempt at "green" marketing, snap a picture and send it our way! All submissions will be posted on the site, and the winner will receive a travel mug and reusable bag from our friends at Stay Vocal.

Entries should be sent to and must be received by March 31 to be considered for the contest.

Here's one to get the ball rolling. Not only does this ad claim that a water bottle is environmentally friendly because the plastic is recyclable (hmm...), but the ad placement-- on the back of a gas guzzling truck-- is priceless! What's not to love? (Click on the picture for a clearer image).


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