50 Items Under $1.50 at Whole Foods?

One of my favorite food/wellness blogs is Noshtopia, written and photographed by Stephanie Quilao. Noshtopia is a comprehensive food and wellness blog, with a special focus on vegan and raw alternatives to standard health food fare.

One of Quilao's earlier posts dealt with the idea that shopping at Whole Foods is prohibitively expensive, earning it the moniker of "Whole Paycheck." She concludes:

    Whole Foods list actually came out cheaper by $3.40. Now, that is basically the price of a Starbucks Mocha which is not a huge difference, but it does show that Whole Foods is not always outrageously expensive especially when you stick to their 365 Brand.

Now, she returns with a recession-savvy guide to purchasing real food at lowered prices. Quilao notes that this the selection and prices may vary by region.

Here are a few things she found:

    Fresh produce department

    * 1lb bag organic Baby Carrots $0.99
    * 1lb Brussels Sprouts $1.49
    * 1 bunch organic Green Onions $0.99
    * 1lb organic Squash: Spaghetti, Butternut, Kabocha $1.49
    * 1lb organic Bananas $1.19

    Meat department

    * 1/3lb Ground Beef 16% Fat (based on $3.99/lb) $1.32

    Canned and frozen veggies and beans

    * 1 6oz can WF 365 Pitted Olives: Green or Black: Medium, Large, Jumbo $1.49
    * 1 can WF 365 organic Beans: Refried Black, Refried Pinto, Black w/ Jalapeno, Pinto w/ Chile and Lime $1.29
    * 1 can WF 365 organic Seasoned Chili Beans and Ranchero flavor $1.29
    * 1 can WF 365 Various Veggies: Cut Green Beans, Sweet Peas, Corn, Sliced Carrots, Sliced Beets $0.99
    * 1 16oz bag WF 365 Frozen Peas $1.19
    * 1 16oz bag WF 365 Frozen Broccoli Florets $1.09
    * 1 16oz bag WF 365 Shelled or Non-shelled Edamame $1.49

If you check out the rest of the entry, she also managed to find treats, snacks, and pastas.

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