Hope for a New(er) Dream

Four years ago, I received an enticing invitation: Would I be interested in building a world full of more of what matters—and less of what doesn’t?

“Heck yeah!” came my ready reply. And thus began my role in service to the Center for a New American Dream, where I’ve been honored to learn, imagine—and yes, dream—with some of the smartest thinkers and biggest dreamers I’ve been lucky enough to meet.

What drew me to New Dream was the positive, solutions-oriented commitment and concrete tools to help people reduce needless consumption, improve well-being, and deepen connections within our communities. What kept me engaged was the creative, curious, and energetic team—the team who will lead New Dream into its next phase.

Now New Dream is transforming, solidifying around our core programs and focusing to confront and correct the disconnect between consumption and well-being. Our main programmatic work will include:

  • Kids & Commercialism, to ensure that our kids have the space and the imagination to play, and to learn to be more than merely consumers;
  • Simplify the Holidays, to instill more meaning into the holiday season now upon us, encouraging more sharing, more laughter, and more creativity; and
  • SoKind Registry, to encourage celebrations and gifts that reflect the value of connection and community over commodities.

So even as the organization evolves and roles change, what won’t budge an inch is the commitment to a better future full of greater well-being for us all. While I’m concluding my time in service to the Center for a New American Dream, I’m just beginning my work to help create a New Dream: a dream of equity, prosperity, and connection for our country and for the world.

The year ahead will be a time of great change, both for New Dream and for our nation. But it will also be, I hope, a time of great possibility: a time when, together, we can create more of what matters—and less of what doesn't.

Holly Minch is the outgoing board chair of the Center for a New American Dream.

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