Micro-activism: Local Foods

I usually try to change my behavior as a first step in understanding issues and inspiring change. I never tell people that they should do what I’m doing, but I always explain why I’m doing it. If nothing else, it gives my friends and me something to talk about over craft beers.

With the upcoming launch of our Cater to the Earth Campaign (C2E as we like to call it), I’ve been thinking more about how I am addressing food issues in my personal life. Over the last couple years I have had stints of low-to-zero beef consumption, vegetarian, and, most recently, corn syrup free diets.  Lately, I’ve been attempting to work local foods into at least two meals a week. It helps that Michele has been working at the farmers market, so I’ve got a friend to visit every weekend, rain or shine.

My girlfriend insists we shop local every Sunday and this time we made a delicious Sunday supper together.  We whipped up sunchoke-stuffed portabellas (with a few sinful crumbles of local bacon), buttered blanched brussel sprouts, and with a recipe from a mysteriously culinary stranger in line, collard greens in the French style.

After dinner I off-handedly mentioned, “I think it’s really great how we can come from such different backgrounds but love to eat the same kinds of foods.

In response she admitted, “Oh I didn’t used to eat this way! Not until I met you. I used to eat very unhealthy…but I really like this!”

In the years we have known each other, this is the best compliment she has ever given me. I helped change one person’s eating and shopping habits toward something more satisfying, wholesome, and sustainable without really even trying. All I did was share my joy and passion for community markets, fresh food, and cooking.

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