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2014 Annual Report

The Center for a New American Dream was founded to help recapture more of what matters for American families, while doing the right thing for the planet. We challenge conventional wisdom and promote a higher quality of life. We help people lessen their environmental impact and rebuild connections to their neighbors and communities.

In 2014, New Dream made giant steps to broaden our reach and impact. Highlights you’ll find in our 2014 Annual Report include:

  • The release of our 2014 national poll on the American Dream, documenting the way Americans feel about our current quality of life, the sharing economy, the state of the planet, and consumerism, and how the national conversation has changed since our 2004 poll.
  • Our continued support for the creation and launch of time banks, tool libraries, community gardens, repair cafes, food hubs, and more through our Collaborative Communities webinars, guides, and fundraising assistance.
  • The launch of our Kids Unbranded campaign, helping parents, educators, mental health professionals, and others protect children from the onslaught of the American advertising machine and push back against excessive marketing aimed at kids.
  • Major upgrades and enhancements to SoKind Registry, providing engaged couples, expectant parents, soon-to-be graduates, and others with a way to celebrate life’s biggest events in a way that aligns with their values. SoKind now counts more than 5,000 registries, with nearly 19,000 gifts exchanged.

Our work isn’t finished. Our 2014 poll found that the majority of Americans still believe that it is more difficult to achieve the American Dream than it was a decade ago, due primarily to the high costs of education and health care.

While we continue to pollute and degrade our natural environment, kids today are more subjected to advertising than any previous generation. And too many Americans still feel disconnected from their neighborhoods and communities.
New Dream is the leading national organization taking on these challenges. In the coming year, you’ll watch us build meaningful partnerships with like-minded organizations and expand our ability to grow grassroots connections that make both individuals and communities stronger.

We talk about dreams, but our vision is to create a new reality for the American future, a future where more of what matters is in reach for every American. We are confident that with your support, we can continue to build the momentum and action that will help us all realize a new American Dream.

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