The world’s largest Laundromat goes solar!

Check out this brief YouTube video about the world's largest Laundromat using solar energy to heat its water.

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Laundromats Cleaning Green

The Coin Laundry Association is a Carbon Conscious Consumer partner. CLA is a national association representing 35,000 self-service laundries across the United States. Earlier in the month, CLA promoted C3 posters in both English and Spanish to their members, asking them to hang them in their Lau...

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Clean Green and Get a Reusable Bag!

Method, the home cleaning product line of "all-natural, biodegradable, and stylish counter-top accessor[ies],"is rewarding you this holiday season for cleaning green. Buy $20 worth of Method cleaning products, fill out this little form, and they'll send you this handy dandy reusable bag--and jus...

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Go Go Gadget Recycling!

Washington Post Eviana Hartman Sunday, November 25, 2007; N05 It's hard to imagine life without cellphones, computers and iPods. And as technology advances, so does the rate at which we buy gadgets just to keep up. While constantly upgrading your electronics is hard on the wallet, it's also ha...

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What are the “green” high-efficiency detergents for washers?

As people are pledging to Beat the Heat, Wash in Cold, it is fitting to address green detergents and other related issues. The "Ask Umbra" column in Grist Magazine recently addressed the question, "What are the 'green' high-efficiency detergents for washers?" A greener detergent will omit certai...

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Green is Universal

For those of you who haven't shunned the television, you may have heard that NBC is going green this whole week--the motto is Green is Universal. Every show that they air throughout this week will have something green about it. I caught the end of last night's Cowboys v. Eagles game, and the ann...

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Beat the Heat, Wash in Cold!

It's a new month, Carbon Conscious Consumers, and with it a new challenge: Beat the Heat, Wash in Cold! We here at Center for a New American Dream encourage you to wash at least four out of every five loads of laundry in cold water. Here are great facts to know: About 90% of the energy used for...

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Giant drinking fountain for marathons and races

C3 Blog reader Erin commented about a giant drinking fountain that was used in the Hartford (CT) Marathon earlier in October that saved thousands of disposable water bottles from being used. I was impressed and had to find out more. Pure Tech Waters of America teamed up with United Technologies ...

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About saving water, but not the kind you drink

This past summer, I went to a wedding in Portland and flew into PDX airport. It was there that I was first introduced to the dual flush toilet. No, it wasn't a motion sensor toilet that flushes multiple times while you're still sitting. The knob used to flush the toilet went in two directions: on...

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Get rid of those catalogs!

Recently, I've been calling each company that sends me a catalog to ask them to take me off of their list as soon after checking the mail as possible. Thanks to the Ecology Center's new project, I may no longer have to do that! The Ecology Project has launched a great free service in its beta fo...

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