Beat the Heat, Wash in Cold!

It's a new month, Carbon Conscious Consumers, and with it a new challenge: Beat the Heat, Wash in Cold! We here at Center for a New American Dream encourage you to wash at least four out of every five loads of laundry in cold water. Here are great facts to know: About 90% of the energy used for...

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Giant drinking fountain for marathons and races

C3 Blog reader Erin commented about a giant drinking fountain that was used in the Hartford (CT) Marathon earlier in October that saved thousands of disposable water bottles from being used. I was impressed and had to find out more. Pure Tech Waters of America teamed up with United Technologies ...

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About saving water, but not the kind you drink

This past summer, I went to a wedding in Portland and flew into PDX airport. It was there that I was first introduced to the dual flush toilet. No, it wasn't a motion sensor toilet that flushes multiple times while you're still sitting. The knob used to flush the toilet went in two directions: on...

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Get rid of those catalogs!

Recently, I've been calling each company that sends me a catalog to ask them to take me off of their list as soon after checking the mail as possible. Thanks to the Ecology Center's new project, I may no longer have to do that! The Ecology Project has launched a great free service in its beta fo...

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What about fizzy water?

I'll admit it: I love sparkling water. Add a lime slice to a glass on a hot day, and I'm a happy camper. That's why I was so excited to find this today: Soda-Club! The Soda-Club company touts these machines as environmentally friendly. According to the site, their soda maker: Reduce Packaging: ...

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Interested in getting a local bottle bill passed?

The Container Recycling Institute, based in Glastonbury, CT (but has a DC telephone number--go figure!), has put together a really great set of resources about lobbying for a bottle bill in your state. From the site: What is a bottle bill? The term “bottle bill” is actually another way of sayi...

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San Francisco Mayor’s Battle Against Water Bottles

San Francisco is cracking down on the sale of single-serving plastic water bottles. Mayor Gavin Newsom speaks out on why he’s leading the charge. By Karen Breslau Newsweek Updated: 7:30 p.m. ET June 23, 2007 When San Francisco recently banned the use of plastic grocery bags as part of its cam...

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Breaking all the beverage container habits!

This post is written by ALex Eaves of STAY VOCAL, a C3 partner. It's the first in our guest blogging series! This month's C3 campaign is not only extremely important, but seriously, it's just such an easy habit to break! All you have to do is two simple things: Get a reusable bottle. Remember ...

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Hotter Than You Should Be?

The World Wildlife Fund is auctioning off t-shirts that read "Hotter Than I Should Be" as part of their fundraising efforts toward global conservation initiatives including fighting threats like climate change. Get it? Hotter than you should be? It's a double entendre! You're hot because you're ...

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Bottled water is something you can and should give up!

Just in case you are still on the fence about bottled water, here are even more reasons to give it up and use a reusable bottle for water on the go instead. Drinking the recommended daily amount of water using bottled water can cost up to $1,400.00 per year; drinking the same amount from the tap...

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