Phantom Loads: The Vampires in Your Home

There is something scary lurking behind our walls while we're sleeping! Vampires! Vampire plugs, that is. Sometimes called "phantom loads," "standby power," or "leaking electricity"), it's the electricity that your electronics keep sucking when they are turned off, but still plugged into the wall...

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Tags: Appliances, Energy efficiency, Save money save energy

Majority of Americans Making Earth Friendly Choices

In a world where the hourly news check inevitably produces more gloom and doom updates about climate change, the C3 blog is excited to share something a bit more uplifting! According to a recent Harris poll, the majority of Americans feel that their personal actions have an impact on the environm...

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Designer Water Bottles

This Living Green Below Your Means blog was established, in part, to discuss ways to be green without breaking the bank. Not that we don't like green products, but sometimes the best way to reduce your ecological footprint is to stop buying stuff you don't need. Like water in bottles. You've bee...

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Tags: Carbon footprint, Greenwashing, Plastic waste, Reducing water waste

Bottled Water is SO Last Year

Whether you credit the faltering economy, the growing movement against bottled water, or both, the fact remains: bottled water sales in the U.S. are dropping as Americans return to the tap. Americans Turn to Tap as Bottled Water Prices Get Hard to Swallow Economic troubles may be accomplishing ...

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Reviews: Green pet products

So many products claim to be green, but which ones live up to their promises, and promise to be worth your money? The Center for a New American Dream is pleased to offer the first in a series of entries in which staff members review green products. All of the opinions expressed in these reviews a...

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Tags: Green pet food, Pet wellness

Bottlemania Keeps on Spreading

Once upon a time, long long ago, Americans weren't obsessed with purchasing water in disposable plastic bottles. Ever wonder how the bottled water craze became so culturally normative? Ask environmental journalist Elizabeth Royte. In Bottlemania: How Water Went on Sale and Why We Bought It, Royt...

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Simplifying Another Holiday

In this posting, two members of the New Dream staff share their thoughts on simplifying Father's Day. From Kim: An article from last holiday season came back to me on a recent June day. It was about the conflict that people who are becoming more conscious of their consumption feel about choosin...

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Tags: Family memories, Father's day, Green gifts

Staycations: Cheaper, Greener, and More Relaxing Vacations

Rather then deal with all of the airport madness and the stress of feeling the need to be everywhere and do everything, why not just stay at home and do whatever you want?

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Reception for USBG One Planet - Ours! and Cool Globes

You might have read our earlier post about this summer's exhibit about sustainability at the U.S. Botanic Gardens (USBG). Last night, I attended the reception marking the opening of the exhibit in addition to supporting the Cool Globes program, so I got a first chance to take a look the exhibit a...

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Nearly Waterless Washing Machine

It sounds almost too good to be true, but British scientists have come up with a way to wash an average sized load of laundry with only one cup of water. This has the potential to cut down the water used by a family's washing machine to 1/50th of its current level. Extrapolating out the numbers ...

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