Bad, Bad BPA

While manufacturers-- and even more frightening, the FDA-- remain insistent that BPA poses no threat to human health, findings from a just released major study point to a starkly different reality. To protect yourself and your family, make sure that your reusable water bottles are safe and non-to...

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A Reminder that Small Steps DO Make a Big Impact

Thanks to you-- to everyone who's kicked their bottled water habit-- bottled water sales in the US are slowing! Pretty amazing that the collective impact of a whole bunch of individual decisions to eliminate bottled water purchasing is already having such a noteworthy effect on the market. If you...

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Thinking About Water This Ramadan

Ramadan, the month in the Islamic calendar in which Muslims fast daily from sunrise to sunset, started last Monday, September 1. The fast is meant to unify Muslims around the world, teaching empathy, appreciation, and charity. Being without food or water during daylight hours may not give a perso...

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Bottled Tap Water? Yep, You Heard Right!

Ok, so I know that 40% of bottled water is really just tap water masquerading as fancy-shmancy mineral-enhanced, brain-boosting, extra-hydrating, performance-enhancing, thirst-quenching, super-purified water. And I know that most of us have, at one point, fallen for it. But apparently the bottled...

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Preserving the Sweet Tastes of Summer

Liz Falk is co-director of the 7th Street Garden and Markets and EBT Coordinator at FRESHFARM Markets Last week I visited Toigo Farm and Orchard for work. While I was given a tour of the farm in an open air jeep, snacking on the freshest of the fresh as it was handed to me, my dog Vida ran aroun...

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Tags: Do it yourself, Home canning, Kitchen, Peaches, Preserves

Beef is Bad, Says UN Climate Chief!

We've been blogging for a while about the environmental impact of meat consumption, relying heavily on a 2006 report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. While this oft-cited study has contributed immeasurably to popular awareness of the link between climate change and ...

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The Great Lunchbox Debate

If you’re a parent of school-aged children, you’ve probably read a lot about the truly terrible quality of the food that is served to children in school cafeterias all across the county. Thanks to concerns about rising obesity rates among children, as well as the growth of the local food movement...

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Tags: Food packaging, Food waste, Green school, Kids lunches

History and Hope: When green was called frugal

Source: FDR Presidential Library and Museum Any time America experiences an economic downturn, people use the Great Depression as a yardstick: What shade of gray is our today compared to Black Tuesday? Poking around the internet I was surprised to see how many articles popped up proclaiming the ...

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Tags: Childhood memories, Grandparents, Great depression, History, Thrift

The A.K.A.s Are Everywhere and Green!

The following was written by our partners in crime over at the band The A.K.A.s. New Dream very much appreciates their support in all our campaign work! Greetings! This is Mike Ski; I sing in a totally sweet and radical punk rock and roll band called The A.K.A.s! We've been cohorts of the New Dr...

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The Dilemma of International Waters

Half the joy of vacation is that anything goes. Alarm clocks are shut off, routines are put on hold, junk food is consumed with reckless abandon, and lazing around is totally acceptable, if not encouraged. The best part of all? It’s totally guilt-free! Isn't that what vacation's for? But even the...

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