As American as Heirloom Seeds: Buying local foods is part of a rich green tradition

Walk in to your local chain organic market and you may be fooled by the fluorescent lights and sleek modern atmosphere. Though stores like Whole Foods do their best to show the connections between the food on their shelves and where it came from, the environmentally-conscious supermarket's very e...

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Tags: Green traditions, History, Legacy seeds

Paper Saving Made Simple

Whenever I offer people tips on greening their home or office, paper reduction is always one of the first topics that comes up. There's the standard shpiel: set your printer to duplex, print multiple sheets per page, etc. But I'm a lot less good at walking people through the technicalities of how...

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Saying Goodbye to Back-to-School Shopping

Brightly colored string, an empty cereal box, a thick stack of scrap paper, and a little creativity - and you have your own personalized notebook for school, work, or home. As August rolls around, many parents head out to various school and office supply stores for notebooks, pencils, pens, bind...

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The Road Less Pedaled

A few months ago (on my birthday, no less!) I spent a fantastic evening watching a still-in-the works documentary by three twenty-something women chronicling the surge of young people turning to farming. The Washington, DC residents set out on a three-month journey from DC to Montreal to learn ab...

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Pulling the Cord on the Buy-Dispose Treadmill

During my days living in the dusty southwest, cruising the alleyways for treasure was a favorite pastime and, believe it or not, a fairly common one in my circle. So, when getting around on my red Schwinn Collegiate, I took the less scenic route to see if there was something I just couldn't live...

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Tags: Antiques, Repair, Thrift

Greening the Great American Pastime

Triple-A outfielder Chris Dickerson of the Louisville Bats, a Cincinnati Reds affiliate, got his team to switch from plastic cups in the dugout to reusable SIGG water bottles. "If I can help kick-start this movement on a small scale then I am optimistic that these concerns can be turned into ever...

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Pope Bashes Consumerism

On a trip to Australia for World Youth Day, the Pope struck out at the consumerism and wastefulness of modern culture. Giving us several choice quotes in his speech, none is better then "Our world has grown weary of greed, exploitation and division, of the tedium of false idols and piecemeal resp...

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Navigating Your Local Thrift Store, the Land of Misfit Toys

You could say that there is an upside to our culture's never-ending hunger for the new: the "old" ends up in thrift stores, where it may be found by conscious consumers with a little patience and effort. About 99% of my wardrobe came from yard sales, thrift stores, and consignment shops. Nearly e...

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Tags: Bargain shopping, Green for less, Reycled clothing, Thrift stores

The Gas They Pass

My favorite topic in this blog has arisen once again. Yep, it's back to those pesky methane-producing cows! A few brave Argentine scientists have gone about measuring just how bad gas emissions from cows really are. By hooking a tube from the rear end of the cow to a large tank strapped on top o...

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The Forty Story Farm

So I was sitting in the office one day taking a well deserved mental health break, when I stumbled upon an article for Vertical Farming. Amazed that I hadn't heard of it before, I began to research it further. As I learned more it became apparent that this technology could be a game changer, and ...

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