Fair Trade and the Environment: The big picture

Source It's less and less defensible for business interests to make decisions resulting in short-term profit for some at the expense of the earth itself (see an earlier post on this topic). While it's important for our thinking to include the environment, we can't stop there. Our current economi...

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The Give List

Now is time of truth. The last few days before the holidays are when simplicity is most likely to be tested. Unexpected last-minute gifts may arrive, forcing us to make fast decisions about expectations for reciprocity from family and friends. Parties that have been planned for are now taking pla...

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Dwight K. Schrute would definitely be a New Dreamer

There is a great blog called Cheap Healthy Good that does an amazing job at providing, well, cheap healthy good recipes and food tips that are eco-friendly and money-conscious. Plus, they writers are pretty witty. Check out the following blog post they wrote a while back: 11 Things Dwight K. Schr...

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Friday Video: Kerry Washington on Environmental Racism

In this video for the Sundance Channel's Ecoist program, Kerry Washington breaks down some of the issues involved with environmental racism - how environmental issues disproportionately impact communities of color. Key idea from the video: "Think global and act local is really important, but rem...

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A Letter to the President-Elect: Food Democracy Now

In a New York Times Op-Ed yesterday, Nicholas D. Kristof suggested a change in nomenclature and thinking about food in the next administration: Obama’s ‘Secretary of Food’? "A Department of Agriculture made sense 100 years ago when 35 percent of Americans engaged in farming. But today, fewer than...

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Tranquility is Green: Serene Gift Ideas

Kimberly Wilson is a DC based teacher, author, activist, entrepreneur and designer, who owns the Tranquil Space yoga studios in Dupont Circle, Arlington, and Bethesda. As a student at Tranquil Space, I am often blown away by the Center's commitment to mindful living, environmental justice, and a ...

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The No-Plastic Holiday Challenge

While most of us have a vague sense that plastic is part of almost every aspect of our lives, Beth Terry measures every ounce that passes through her household. She keeps a graph of her personal plastic waste output at the top of her blog, Fake Plastic Fish. Reading about the creative ways she fi...

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Japanese Infographic Video: Ensuring the Future of Food

This cool animated video explains the global food crisis from Japan's perspective. Like a "Story of Stuff" for food, it quickly paints a picture connecting changes in agricultural demand, population, and diet in a country that imports 60% of its food. The end of this video from the Japanese Minis...

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The gift of experience

If it seems like the word "economy" is on every adult's lips these days, an awareness of our shaky economic situation has also entered many kids' minds. Node Research, a youth opinion research company, found that "84% of America's 39 Million 9 to 17 year olds are very or somewhat worried about cu...

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50 Items Under $1.50 at Whole Foods?

One of my favorite food/wellness blogs is Noshtopia, written and photographed by Stephanie Quilao. Noshtopia is a comprehensive food and wellness blog, with a special focus on vegan and raw alternatives to standard health food fare. One of Quilao's earlier posts dealt with the idea that shopping...

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