Green America's Fixes from the Green Economy

In Green America's latest version of RealGreen, Alisa Gravitz's 7 Fixes from the Green Economy gives suggestions for rebuilding our flawed economy from the ground up. Some of these ideas are on the macro-level, like creating more green jobs. Others are changes you can make in your lifestyle. My ...

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6 Solutions from the Green Economy from Green America

Green America (formerly Co-op America) recently released an editorial, Solutions from the Green Economy. Author Alisa Gravitz argues for six green solutions to our economic crisis: Green energy/green jobs Clean energy victory bonds Reduce/reuse/rethink Go green and local Community investing...

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Triple Shot!

My husband and I decided to consume less alcohol and spend more time cooking in 2009. We also resolved to take a multivitamin each day and drink what we call a “triple shot”. A triple shot is a shot glass with a mixture of 3 liquids (2 tablespoons each) of chlorophyll, acidophilus, and calcium. W...

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The Threat of Convenience and Convenience Stores

Tom Laskawy from Grist had a great post today, Fighting Convenience, about McDonalds' continued expansion and what, if anything, can be done to stop fast food: When we talk about reform, about shutting down CAFOs, stopping GMOs, eliminating harmful pesticides and increasing consumption of fruits...

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HF Corn Syrup Free: Week 1

January 12, 2009 I AM LEGEND After a week or so of deliberation and research, I committed to quitting. From this day forward I plan to end my addiction to high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). Yep, that's right - I'm going high fructose corn syrup-free, or HFCSF. Once you start looking, you realize:...

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Energy Bars: Scam or Fallback Plan?

Some people think energy bars are a scam—another one of those foods that we’ve been convinced are good for us but actually aren’t as nutritious as the real thing. To me and to many others, however, they are sometimes the lesser of two evils when faced with junk food. These bars almost seem like v...

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Re-Mining Metals from the Trash

What do you do with hard-to-recycle items like coffee pots and hair dryers? Is there another source for increasingly expensive rare metals used in manufacturing? The Japanese city of Odate, an old mining community, is undertaking an experiment in "mining" the metals found in unwanted appliances. ...

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Breaking the Soda Habit

So, the truth is that I really love sodas. My favorite, though, is a certain brand of cola. I’m not usually serious about brands with most things I eat (or drink for that matter) but there’s something about the regular version of this cola that just makes me really happy. Maybe it’s the cheerful ...

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Burger King and the Search for the Unspoiled Palate

You may have seen the "OMG, is this for real?" actual video from Burger King, "Whopper Virgins" (below). Even if you have seen it, you should read the blog post over at Grist by Meredith Niles, a Cater to the Earth Partner from the Cool Foods Campaign, at the Center for Food Safety: If they have ...

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Wall-E and Recycled Art

This weekend I finally saw that movie allegory about consumption, Wall-E, and it has spurred me to write a post that's been kicking around for awhile: the unique beauty of recycled objects. In this blog we've mentioned art, clothing, and household articles made out of trash or repurposed material...

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