A Royal Role Model for the Sharing Economy?

I would never call myself a crazed-British royalty follower, but I did just happen to be awake at 6:00 a.m. to watch Will and Kate’s wedding a few years back.

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Happiness and the New Simplicity: The Living Room Revolution of Community

Cecile Andrews explains how the cure to so many of our problems, particularly consumerism, is more community.

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Well Being: Finding Your Family's Environmental Best

Trying to develop a deeper connection to nature for your entire family can seem like a daunting task, especially if you don't know where to begin.

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Memory, Chicken Fingers, and Sustainability

Much of what we call sustainability today was once simple common sense. Yet we are not very far from losing all living connection to this time.

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VIDEO: From Pop-up to Permanent — Pop-up Retail in Oakland, CA

New Dream profiles popuphood in Oakland, CA, which uses pop-up retail to revitalize local neighborhoods.

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Guest Blog: Alex Honnold on the Neighborhood Challenge, Simplifying, and More

In a guest blog, world-renowned climber Alex Honnold explains how you don’t have to scale mountains to make your community a better place.

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Living the Dream: Howard and Marika Stone – Too Young to Retire

A Florida couple advocates an alternative vision of the post-midlife years, providing ideas and advice about meaningful work and community engagement.

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Podcast: New Dream at the Maryland DIY Innovation Expo

Regional Coordinator Mary Murphy introduces people to New Dream's how-to guides and webinars that support collaborative consumption and the local economy.

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In Commerce We Trust?

Author Kelly Garriott Waite reflects on the need to reclaim trust and community in today's culture of big-box stores and hyper-consumerism.

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Free Time: The Forgotten American Dream

A new book describes how Americans have distanced themselves from their historical yearnings for free time, in favor of a culture of overwork.

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