Art as Resolution

With the launch of a new year, consider making art your resolution in 2014.

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The Street Where No One Opens The Door

An afternoon of baking cookies turns into a quest to find someone—anyone—who will open their front door.

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Living the Dream: "Hands Free Mama" Rachel Macy Stafford

Rachel Macy Stafford chronicles her attempt at finding balance in a media-saturated, perfection-obsessed world on her popular blog, Hands Free Mama.

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Let's Make 2014 "The Year of Sharing"

Is sharing for everyone? New Dream responds to a recent op-ed by Steven Strauss.

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Chicken Soup for the New Dream Soul

Board member Holly Minch explains how in this Chicken Little world, New Dream is like a dose of soothing chicken soup.

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Co-op Radio Vancouver: Simplify the Holidays Interview

New Dream joins the Redeye program on Co-op Radio Vancouver to discuss the #simplifyholidays movement and how SoKind is reimagining our celebrations year round.

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Classrooms Struggling? Take SoKind to School

Looking for a way to give back to the classrooms that give so much to your child? Use SoKind!

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This Holiday Season, Rethink Your Consumption Ethic

How should we redefine what it means to be a consumer this holiday season?

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What Are You Most Thankful For?

Wendy Philleo reflects on New Dream's growth in 2013, giving thanks for the simple things, and how your support can help us thrive in the coming year.

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Simplify, Simplify, Simplify: Tips for Avoiding Holiday Stress

Actress, author, and environmentalist Terra Wellington shares her tips for keeping the holidays simple and stress-free.

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