Reimagining America: An Evening with Gus Speth & Juliet Schor

On November 8, 2013, New Dream hosted noted authors Gus Speth and Juliet Schor for an evening of conversation around redefining the American Dream.

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Three Reasons Why GMO Labeling Is a No Brainer

As debates rage over the safety of genetically engineered foods, it’s time for some new arguments in support of GMO labeling.

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Free Clothes and the Spirit of Sharing

In Maryland, Get2gether members are hosting clothing swaps and making a difference.

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WEBINAR RECORDING — Pitchfests: Promoting Local Business Investment Through Entrepreneur Showcases

Pitchfests are fun events where local entrepreneurs connect with everyday investors. Watch this webinar recording to learn more about how to organize your own pitchfest in your community.

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What Are You Doing For Others?

New Dream celebrates MLK Day with a community event all about sharing.

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Excerpt from the New "Hands Free Mama" Book

An excerpt from Rachel Macy Stafford's new "Hands Free Mama" book.

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What Is the Role of Librarians in the Sharing Economy?

Exploring the role of the original community-sharing pioneers, librarians, in the new Sharing Economy.

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Art as Resolution

With the launch of a new year, consider making art your resolution in 2014.

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The Street Where No One Opens The Door

An afternoon of baking cookies turns into a quest to find someone—anyone—who will open their front door.

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Living the Dream: "Hands Free Mama" Rachel Macy Stafford

Rachel Macy Stafford chronicles her attempt at finding balance in a media-saturated, perfection-obsessed world on her popular blog, Hands Free Mama.

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