My Story: Tips and Tricks for Hosting an Alternative Gift Fair

Want to learn how to host an alternative gift fair? Start here.

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Seed Libraries Take on the Law: Setting the record straight on the legality of seed libraries

After the PA Department of Agriculture cracked down on a community seed library, hundreds of seed libraries are suddenly wondering if they are breaking the law.

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Living the Dream: "Globe Squatters" Jolene and Patrick Dames

Two artists and filmmakers are house sitting their way around the world, with the mission of revolutionizing the way people travel.

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Seed Library Crack Down

Why are seed libraries in Pennsylvania under threat of shut down?

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I'd Buy That for A Dollar!

Should Detroit institute a one dollar house program?

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Public Energy Art Kits Push Back Against Consumerism

How a new series of posters is helping illustrate the dangers of excessive consumption.

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Maryland Librarians Say "Yes!" to More Sharing

New Dream's CommunityShare Workshop is helping lead the way for the Sharing Economy in Maryland.

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Living the Dream: Nicolás Bori, Off the Beaten Path

Follow along on Nicolás's journey to find a new path toward happiness—off the beaten path.

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Leading by Example: Lessons Learned from the Eugene CommunityShare Workshop

Oregon is full of people bringing their communities to life through the Sharing Economy.

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INFOGRAPHICS AND ANALYSIS: New American Dream Poll 2014

What does the “American Dream” mean today? How—and how successfully—are Americans achieving this dream? How has the concept of the “American Dream” shifted over the past 10 years? These questions are at the heart of New Dream's 2014 national survey.

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