Grist: SoKind Lets You Tell Everyone All You Want for Christmas is No More Stuff

"...while we like getting presents, we really, really, honestly, we promise, do not need that much more stuff. Which is why we’re glad to see SoKind..."

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AP: Girl Scouts Asked to End Partnership with Barbie

"This is product placement at its worst," said New American Dream's executive director, Wendy Philleo, who described herself as a longtime admirer of the Girl Scouts.

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Excerpt: Gus Speth's New Memoir, "Angels by the River"

A new memoir from New Dream board member and environmental legend Gus Speth examines how understanding the past can help shape the future.

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Excerpt: "Creating Community as We Grow Older"

Beth Baker's new book tackles the issues of community and aging in place, showing how neighbors can support one another as they grow older together.

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Pushing Back Against Rampant Commercialism

Executive Director Wendy Philleo offers her thoughts on fighting rampant commercialism and how best to push back against it.

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A New Kind of Community Finance

Community Sourced Capital is a new kind of financial system that empowers communities to fund the businesses they most care about.

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Kids Unbranded: Tips for Parenting in a Commercial Culture

Our updated guide is designed to give adults a greater understanding of the excessive advertising that children face today, as well as practical tools to push back against the onslaught.

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The Calvert SWAP Team: Turning CommunityShare Training Into Action

How one library used inspiration from New Dream to host a range of "swaps" in their community.

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Help Us "Simplify" Pinterest This Halloween!

Want to help us build a resource full of simple, fun Halloween ideas? #SimplyHalloween!

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How to Host an Alternative Gift Fair

Want to build community? Tired of the commercialization of the holidays? Learn how to organize an Alternative Gift Fair in your town!

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