Reception for USBG One Planet - Ours! and Cool Globes

You might have read our earlier post about this summer's exhibit about sustainability at the U.S. Botanic Gardens (USBG). Last night, I attended the reception marking the opening of the exhibit in addition to supporting the Cool Globes program, so I got a first chance to take a look the exhibit as well as the globes.New American Dream partnered with USBG to help create some of the educational materials available for their more than one million summer visitors to learn from. USBG even challenged their visitors to take the Carbon Conscious Consumer challenge to eat local, downshift your driving, junk your junk mail, break the bottled water habit, wash in cold, and bring your own bag!My favorite part of the exhibit was a section of cast metal flowers whose centers were made up of containers filled with various herbs and spices from around the world, such as fennel seeds and vanilla beans--there were little holes in the containers so that you can smell and experience each scent.The reception also honored some of the organizers behind Cool Globes and the Earth Day Network. This portion of the event was MCed by actor Chevy Chase (side note--every invitation of this event that I received that mentioned Chase MCing made me think that someone from Chevy Chase Bank was speaking, which didn't make a lot of sense to me but shows how long I've lived in the MidAtlantic region!).That's a picture of Chevy Chase with some of the artists who designed the actual Cool Globes.That's a picture of my favorite of the Cool Globes at USBG. Designed by Kari Kaplan, the globe is made up of organic products that occur naturally on each continent, including coffee beans, blue and yellow corn, parsley, lentils, mung beans, paprika, melon seeds, and barley. Kaplan's intention was to educate about and promote sustainable farming.Jayni Chase, Chevy's wife of 28 years, has been actively working with Earth Day Network for several decades. Her passion is greening our public schools from the buildings used to the food students eat. After the Cool Globes travel around DC this summer, they will be auctioned off with all proceeds going towards greening schools.All in all, the evening was very fun and thoughtful. It's always nice to see the issues of environmentalism becoming increasingly accessible as broader audiences become involved. New American Dream is pleased to be a part of USBG's summer exhibits, and hopes to see you at one of their four family days this summer!* Special thanks to Nora Gainer of Cool Globes for helping document the evening!

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