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Break Free From the Carbon Confusion

By doing the math for you, "How Bad Are Bananas?" can help you be more realistic—and efficient—in your eco-conscious decision making.

Read More Boldly Empowering Us to Repair Stuff Ourselves

Through its clean, user-friendly interface, iFixit offers free manuals and advice for repairing thousands of different consumer products.

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Local Food Hub Brings Fresh, Healthy Food to Virginia’s Heartland

Charlottesville's Local Food Hub has a mission: to fix a broken food system by reconnecting local farmers, families, and food grown close to home.

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Share Spray: More Online Sharing Resources

Love Share Spray? Want to start sharing more? Check out these great online resources. How to share: New Dream's Guide to Sharing Janelle Orsi's The Sharing Solution Shareable Magazine Connect with your neighbors to share, borrow, lend, and give: Nextdoor Neighborrow Acts of Sharing Swap free...

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VIDEO: Share Spray - A New Way To Do Everything

What happens when your Sharey Godmother pays you a surprise visit? Why, Share Spray, of course!

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WEBINAR RECORDING: How to Start a Time Bank

In a time bank, a group of people agree to trade hours instead of money. In this webinar, founders of the Community Connections TimeBank, Arroyo Time Bank, and Bay Area Community Exchange share how they got their time banks off the ground.

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America the Possible: Manifesto for a New Economy

Learn how transformative change can lead us beyond ruthless capitalism to a new system of political economy.

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Family, Food, and Climate: An Interview with Activist and Producer Laurie David

New Dream caught up with producer and environmental activist Laurie David to talk about her recent projects, including her popular book The Family Dinner.

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WEBINAR RECORDING: How to Start a Tool Library

Want to start a tool library in your town? The founders of tool libraries in Berkeley, Oakland, Portland, and Philadelphia offer advice on how to do just that.

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America the Possible: A Manifesto, Part II

We need a compelling vision for a new future, a vision of a better country—America the Possible—that is still within our power to reach.

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VIDEO: Time Trade Circle

New Dream profiles the Time Trade Circle in Cambridge, MA, which brings people together to share their time and talents while building community.

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VIDEO: How to Host a Clothing Swap

Suzanne Agasi of shows how to host a clothing swap at your home.

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VIDEO: The Berkeley Tool Lending Library

Tool lending specialist Adam Broner gives us a tour of the library, discusses its benefits to the community, and explains why he loves his job.

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VIDEO: How to Start a Solar Co-op

Our video about the Mt. Pleasant Solar Cooperative in Washington, D.C. describes ways to bring affordable, convenient solar power to your community.

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Financing to Fight Food Deserts

Pennsylvania’s Food Fresh Financing Initiative aims to help level the nutritional playing field in low-income areas.

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The Mesh Directory: Explore Clever Ways to Benefit from "Stuff" Without Having to Own It

A new online directory helps you find enterprising businesses and projects around the world that are fostering "a community and economy where access trumps ownership."

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The Power of Activism and an Engaged Citizenry: An Interview with Liz Barratt-Brown

Barratt-Brown talks about her lifelong work as an environmental campaigner, and her more recent roles as a tar sands activist and olive oil farmer.

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Join the “Food Revolution” on May 19th

Celebrity Chef Jamie Oliver encourages schools, businesses, chefs, restaurants, and food lovers to get involved in Food Revolution Day.

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Science-based Research for the "Greater Good"

The Greater Good Science Center, based at the University of California at Berkeley, aims to uncover “the science of a meaningful life.”

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New Dream Staff Picks: Books We Love

New Dream staff share their picks for the most inspirational books they've read on topics of consumerism, parenting, and work-life balance.

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