Reimagining America: An Evening with Gus Speth & Juliet Schor

On November 8, 2013, New Dream hosted noted authors Gus Speth and Juliet Schor for an evening of conversation around redefining the American Dream.

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VIDEO: America the Possible

Gus Speth shows us "America the Possible"—the place we truly want for our children and ourselves—and how we can start building it today.

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VIDEO: From Pop-up to Permanent — Pop-up Retail in Oakland, CA

New Dream profiles popuphood in Oakland, CA, which uses pop-up retail to revitalize local neighborhoods.

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VIDEO: Local Entrepreneur Showcase

In this video, New Dream highlights an Entrepreneur Showcase hosted by Seacoast Local in Portsmouth, NH.

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VIDEO: Organizing a Cash Mob

Join New Dream as we visit a cash mob for a local shop in Roanoke, VA.

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VIDEO: Local Pride Videos

Video can be a powerful way to instill pride in your city. Check out New Dream's compilation of local pride videos from around the country.

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VIDEO: Share Spray - A New Way To Do Everything

What happens when your Sharey Godmother pays you a surprise visit? Why, Share Spray, of course!

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VIDEO: Time Trade Circle

New Dream profiles the Time Trade Circle in Cambridge, MA, which brings people together to share their time and talents while building community.

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VIDEO: How to Host a Clothing Swap

Suzanne Agasi of shows how to host a clothing swap at your home.

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VIDEO: The Berkeley Tool Lending Library

Tool lending specialist Adam Broner gives us a tour of the library, discusses its benefits to the community, and explains why he loves his job.

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