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The World of Creative Activism

Good ideas meet excellent execution in the new world of creative activism.

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If It's Broke, Fix it! A Glimpse into Brooklyn's Fixers Collective

Each month, master fixers and people with broken things convene to restore the tired items of everyday life.

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Artist Critiques Social Norms and Our Consumer Culture

Undermining the status quo with provocative artwork and a healthy dose of wit and humor.

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Copia: Snapshots of Consumer Culture

How much do we shop? And what is it doing to us? Photographer Brian Ulrich explores these questions in a new series.

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First Earth: Uncompromising Ecological Architecture

A documentary film about a paradigm shift to building healthy homes in ancient ways.

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Tags: Collaborative communities

Musicians at the Cutting Edge of Eco-Awareness

Some bands are working hard to lighten the heavy environmental footprint of their performances.

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Consumed: Inside the Belly of the Beast

A new film explores the "unhealthy dose of pathos" that links us to our consumer culture.

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Tags: Beyond consumerism

Chris Jordan: Paparazzi of Garbage

Jordan's work captures a reality that’s all too easy for consumers to ignore: that waste multiplies, rapidly.

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Cherishing the Mountains with a Cello

Roots musicians Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore are raising awareness about mountaintop removal through song.

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Aloe Blacc Bucks Trend of Hip Hop Opulence

Blacc's new album, Good Things, has been climbing the charts. But "Mr. Frugal" is not your typical hip hop artist.

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