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New "Green" Films You Won't Want to Miss

New Dream shares highlights from the recent San Francisco Green Film Festival.

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“Craigslist Joe”: A Unique Experiment in Social Living

Can a person live completely off of the goods, services, and support offered by strangers online?

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Mackle-more of What Matters

You know times are changing when a rap about the hipness of thrift store shopping hits the top of the charts.

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Spreading the Sharing Message on MLK Day

Through the "Me, We, New Dream" mural art project, students explored ways to share resources and reduce their carbon footprints.

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Knitting, Anyone? Learn a New Skill This Winter!

A lot of people think knitting and crocheting are for older housewives, but it’s time to drop that stigma.

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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of… Versailles?

For many people, the unlikely stars of "The Queen of Versailles" are iconic expressions of the American Dream.

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How Does Your Pothole Garden Grow?

"Pothole gardener” Steve Wheem is part installation artist, graffiti artist, and miniaturist.

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New Dream Staff Picks: Books We Love

New Dream staff share their picks for the most inspirational books they've read on topics of consumerism, parenting, and work-life balance.

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Oregon Artists Transform Ocean Debris Into Knowledge

Volunteers create art supplies out of marine trash and assemble the pieces into giant sculptures.

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Films Explore High-Consumption Lifestyles, Sustainable Solutions

The recent SF Green Film Festival showcased more than 40 new films on sustainability themes.

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