Living the Dream Series

Through our “Living the Dream” series, we introduce you to folks from around the world who are living lives focused on “more of what matters.” If you or someone you know is living the New Dream, please contact us—we're looking for inspiring stories to share!

Living the Dream: "Mindful Minimalist" Tamela Rich

On a cross-country motorcycle trip, Tamela realized that she had spent her first 40 years overpacking for life.

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Living the Dream: Shayna Gladstone

Gladstone is the founder of Project Nuevo Mundo, an online platform seeking to catalyze planetary regeneration and individual transformation.

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Living the Dream: Psychologist and Blogger Suzita Cochran

Suzita Cochran's decision to choose a “time over money” lifestyle came from her work in psychology, where she learned in-depth what children need to thrive.

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Living the Dream: Vail Ryan – "Dreaming as Hard as I Can"

Pennsylvania resident Vail Ryan describes his transition from "cube farm" worker to empowered environmental educator.

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Living the Dream: "Simplicity Shifter" Carmella Rayone

After the financial crash of 2009, Carmella Rayone and her family became "simplicity shifters" in their small Wyoming town.

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Living the Dream: "Hands Free Mama" Rachel Macy Stafford

Rachel Macy Stafford chronicles her attempt at finding balance in a media-saturated, perfection-obsessed world on her popular blog, Hands Free Mama.

Living the Dream: Non-Consumer Advocate Katy Wolk-Stanley

Labor and delivery nurse Katy Wolk-Stanley shares how she moved from living a frugal lifestyle to being a leading non-consumer.

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Living the Dream: Rowdy Kittens Blogger Tammy Strobel

Tammy Strobel, founder of, talks about embracing simplicity and her vision for a happier life.

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Living the Dream: Planetwalker John Francis

John Francis gave up motorized transportation for 22 years. His next journey? Public service and teaching others.

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Living the Dream: Wall Street Defector Sam Polk

At age 30, former hedge fund trader Sam Polk walked away from Wall Street to start a new life of volunteerism and personal growth.

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Living the Dream: Howard and Marika Stone – Too Young to Retire

A Florida couple advocates an alternative vision of the post-midlife years, providing ideas and advice about meaningful work and community engagement.

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Living the Dream: Montana Homesteader Ashley Browning

Ashley Browning and her family recently relocated to a farm in Montana, where they aim to live a life focused on production, rather than consumption.

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Living the Dream: Ashley Whittenberger of Cosmic Acres

A few years ago, Ashley Whittenberger decided to trade in her “mainstream McMansion on a half-acre of manicured hell" for a life of freedom and creativity.

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