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Economy Survival Guide

Give your life a financial "make-under."

Financially strapped by overspending? Nervous about over-the-top prices? Try these tips to bring your budget—and your stress level—back under the threshold of what's manageable.

If you have to make a few financial adjustments with the times, it doesn't mean you have to give up all the luxury in your life. In fact, re-evaluating what really matters can actually get you back in touch with some of the fun that tends to get lost in our daily routines. Shake things up a little by spending less but doing more—at home, with the kids, and while having fun.


Go for less...

Get more...

Do it yourself

Natural products that are better for your skin and overall health


  • Energy with the right light bulbs
  • Water with easy-to-use devices for faucets and shower
Money saved on utility bills and peace of mind that you're using natural resources responsibly

Buy different

  • Break the bottled water habit—switch to nearly-free tap water and save on this unnecessary expense
  • Buy in bulk to save money and packaging
  • See if your local food co-op has volunteer opportunities that will earn you a discount on food
  • Use our Wallet Buddy to evaluate purchases before you buy
  • Get it used, borrow from a friend, repair what you've got, or find it for free
Freedom from waste, excess packaging, and unnecessary purchases, plus the personal satisfaction derived from restoring or repairing items you love


  • Get rid of all the clutter around your house—reorganize and have a yard sale
  • Recycle what you can't sell
  • Junk your junk mail and save on clutter—and trees
Cash in exchange for stuff you don't need anymore and comfort from a more spacious, orderly home environment


Go for less...

Get more...

Simplify school

Savings on supplies, a chance to be creative, better food for your kids, and participation in socially responsible activities

Have fun differently

Fun—and meaningful activities


Go for less...

Get more...

Do it yourself

Meaningful holidays by emphasizing the people rather than the gifts

Vacation differently

  • Look for fun activities closer to home that don't require expensive gas or air fares
  • Consider a volunteer holiday—see the sights, work for justice, or go on a yoga retreat with some of your expenses paid for in return for service
Relaxation and unique experiences for less money