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Free Up Your Finances

An important part of self-reliance is having the financial freedom to pursue your dreams and goals without being saddled by unpaid bills, debt, and financial insecurity. For some, this can mean dramatically reducing expenses and carefully managing what comes in and what goes out. For others, it can mean adopting a lifestyle of simplicity, with low expenses and a very light financial and ecological footprint.

piggy bank in grass

For a nine-step approach to reevaluating your relationship with money (and stuff), check out the revised classic Your Money or Your Life, by Vicki Robin and Joe Dominguez. You'll learn how to put "money in service to your values, rather than life in service to your money."

For additional ways to give your life a financial "make-under" while reducing stress and having fun at the same time, check out our Economy Survival Guide. Also, consider joining or creating a common security club to meet other people in your community who are exploring ways to be more personally secure in today's rapidly changing world.

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