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Turn Off Your TV

kids watching TVEach year, a coalition promotes unplugging from video entertainment for one week a year. Considering we watch television four hours a day on average, that’s not a bad idea. So every April, commit to Screen Free Week. But why not also simply watch TV less often all year round?

The TV is a vehicle that exposes the average American to 52,500 ads a year. Why not make Sunday a TV-Free day? Or get rid of your second or third television (or even your first and only TV)?

Why not choose just a few shows to follow and then wait until they are on disc and borrow them from the library? They’ll be ad-free, and you may find that a year later (once promotions are no longer prompting you), you’re not even interested—and then you’ll have more time for other pursuits. And if you watch TV online, Adblock Plus will help cut many of the ads out.