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September 2013

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New Economy Week is a seven-day, cross-country event devoted to shedding light on the new economy movement and answering the question: what should our economy look like?

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"Doing a cash mob this downtown Davenport, IA. Thanks to New Dream for the idea!" — Jason Holtgrewe, via Twitter
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Dear Friends,

Every year, autumn offers a time to start over and rethink our goals for the rest of the year. Whether it's to live a more energy efficient lifestyle or start a time bank, this is the season to make your big dreams happen. So, what's your fall resolution?

The New Dream team

Neighborhood Challenge Winners Need Your Support!

Our Get2gether Neighborhood Challenge winners are raising funds to support their projects, and they need your help! Watch each team’s video, learn more, and donate to your favorite group.

Go Antiquing, Help the Environment

Do you want to help the environment? Do you want a home with beautiful, unique furnishings? If the answer is yes, go indulge in antique and used furniture!

Living the Dream: Planetwalker John Francis

Planetwalk founder and environmentalist John Francis took a vow of silence for 17 years, and didn't use any form of motorized transportation for over two decades. His next adventure? Helping the next generation learn from his experiences.

New Animation: What's Your America the Possible?

In our new animation, author and environmentalist Gus Speth shows how we can build a new America — America the Possible — starting in our own homes, streets, neighborhoods, and cities.

Q&A: Sam Daley-Harris, Reclaiming Democracy

On the 20th anniversary of his book, Reclaiming Our Democracy, New Dream sits down with noted activist and author Sam Daley-Harris to talk about how to make your voice heard and his path from music teacher to leader of a movement.

Bringing the Sharing Economy to the Classroom?

Could excitement be kept alive inside the classroom by taking cues from the sharing movement? In the final blog of her series, Cecile Andrews explores how students and teachers might benefit from embracing the movement's best practices.
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