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September 2011

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Join thousands of concerned citizens to demand solutions to the climate crisis during Moving Planet, a worldwide rally on September 24, 2011.
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Dear Friends,

This month, we feature exclusive video from the tars sands protests in D.C., where three New Dream board members were arrested. We also talk with board member Mark Valentine about his efforts to fight sprawl, hear from two students in Boston who’ve found inspiration in their local Common Security Club, and profile a new photo series on consumer culture.

Enjoy the latest issue of In Balance!

—The New Dream team

Arrested! Voices from the Front Lines of the Tar Sands Protests

Three New Dream board members are among the more than 1,250 people who have been arrested in recent weeks in connection with protests against the Keystone XL pipeline. Watch our exclusive video and read powerful testimony from board members Betsy Taylor and Gus Speth.

Finding Our Way Out of the Sprawl: An Interview with Mark Valentine

Sustainability consultant Mark Valentine talks about the livability challenges facing American communities and the glimmers of hope he sees emerging around the country, from innovative transportation policies to creative “DIY urbanism” projects.


Fostering Connection and Resilience Through Common Security Clubs

Two Boston graduate students share their thoughts on the emerging sharing economy and their efforts to increase their own personal security through participation in a local Common Security Club.

What We're Seeing: Promising Trends for the Future

These are tough times to be an optimist, especially if you care about the planet and are concerned about climate change. In a new blog post, New Dream executive director Wendy Philleo describes some encouraging movements that we can build upon.

Arts & Culture Corner: Copia – Snapshots of Consumer Culture

How much do we shop? And what is it doing to us? Photographer Brian Ulrich explores these questions in his latest project titledCopia, which includes familiar yet striking images of U.S. "Retail," "Thrift," and "Dark Stores."

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Sailing Simplicity: My American Dream

Collaborative Consumption: A Snapshot of Examples

Are You Being Frugal, Or Just Plain Cheap? 

E.F. Schumacher at 100: Small Is Still Beautiful

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