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October 2013

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On November 8, join New Dream and Etsy in New York for a night of conversation, inspiration, and action with Gus Speth and Juliet Schor.

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"The Center for a New American Dream has long been at the forefront of the notion that more stuff doesn't necessarily mean more happiness." --
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Dear New Dreamer,

What a month! With the launch of our revamped gift registry SoKind, upcoming holiday projects, and our event with Etsy on November 8, there's plenty to explore in this newsletter and beyond. Enjoy!

— The New Dream Team

Upcoming Webinar! How to Host an Alternative Gift Fair

Tired of the commercialization of the holiday season? Want to build community and encourage gifts that prioritize meaning over materials? Join New Dream on November 7 for a free webinar about how to organize an Alternative Gift Fair in your town.

Living the Dream: Rowdy Kittens Blogger Tammy Strobel

New Dream talks with Rowdy Kittens blogger and author Tammy Strobel about minimizing, tiny houses, and her family's embrace of a simpler lifestyle.

Just Launched! SoKind Registry: More Fun, Less Stuff

New Dream's latest project, SoKind, is an online registry focused on making celebrations more about fun, friends, and family, and less about material goods. Grist and TreeHugger love it, and you will, too.

Beyond Consumerism: Replacing "More" with "Enough"

How can we replace the culture of consumerism and the value of "more" with the culture of sustainability and the value of "enough"? Here are some ideas for getting the transition under way.

Infographics: Benefits of a Shorter Workweek

Do Americans work too much? In this new infographic series, New Dream looks at the impacts of overworking on our health, our happiness, and the environment.

Chipotle's "Scarecrow": A Straw Man for Greenwashing?

Is Chipotle's controversial ad, "The Scarecrow," an example of greenwashing or the beginning of a larger business movement?
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