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October 2012

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Support GE Labeling

We have a right to know what's in the food we eat. But because manufacturers aren't required to label foods with genetically engineered ingredients, we don't know if we're eating GE foods or not.

Support the mandatory labeling of all genetically engineered foods!

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A mom in Hayward, CA, reports that she found the New Dream website "super helpful" and is using tips from our Guide to Sharing to start a Montessori materials lending library in her community!
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Dear Friends,

As the giving season approaches, we're excited to announce the release of our latest video, "Share Spray: A New Way To Do Everything," which takes a creative look at how sharing could transform our lives and our neighborhoods.

We also feature articles on the Charlottesville-based Local Food Hub and the exciting new direction of Etsy, the online marketplace. And we offer guest perspectives on using recycled containers at the food store, the challenges of "buying nothing new," and DIY Halloween decorating.

Enjoy the latest issue of In Balance!

—Wendy, Lisa, Wen, Guinevere, and the rest of the New Dream team


VIDEO: Share Spray – A New Way To Do Everything

In New Dream's latest animation, a woman gets a surprise visit from her Sharey Godmother (yes, they exist!), who hands her a can of... Share Spray. With creativity, charm, and a bit of fun, the video explores how sharing could transform our lives and neighborhoods.

Local Food Hub Brings Fresh, Healthy Food to Virginia's Heartland

Food hubs are popping up all over the nation. Each one is unique to its region and its community, but they all share the same goal: bringing home the economic, health, and environmental benefits of eating fresh, local, delicious food. Charlottesville's Local Food Hub is no exception.

My Attempt to 'Buy Nothing New' This October

How hard is it to not buy anything new for an entire month, except for essentials like hygiene products, medicine, and food? New Dream's Anjuli Crocker tries it out—and discovers a world brimming with abundance and creativity.

Etsy Goes Beyond Online Sales to Support Local Economies

Many of us know Etsy as an online marketplace that sells handmade crafts and vintage items. But the Brooklyn-based company is now making an effort to support local entrepreneurs and communities more directly. Krislyn Placide reports on Etsy's exciting new direction.

Embrace the Risk: Shop With Recycled Containers

You probably remember to bring your cloth bags to the grocery store—but what about bringing your own recycled containers as well? Guest blogger Jake Giessman shares his experiences with going the extra mile as a conscious consumer.

Save Money and Have Fun: DIY Halloween Decorations

Halloween is just around the corner!  Here are five do-it-yourself decoration ideas that will help you put your family and your home in the spirit of the season—without spending a ton of money.
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