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November 2011

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November 25 is Buy Nothing Day! Celebrate Black Friday by focusing on friends and family, not shopping and consumerism.

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"This is one of my favorite sites. Remember...Live simply so that others may simply live. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle." —Donald Burch III, via Facebook
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Dear Friends,

This month, we feature our new video on the People's Grocery – an inspirational community effort to boost healthy food access in West Oakland, CA. We also profile the Seattle-based Happiness Initiative and invite you to take our 2011 Simplify the Holidays Challenge. Enjoy the latest issue of In Balance!

—The New Dream team


VIDEO: Solving Problems Through Community Wisdom

In this exclusive video, New Dream's Wen Lee profiles the People's Grocery, a nonprofit organization in West Oakland, California that believes the best resources to solve community problems are found within the community itself. 

Does Your Town Need a Happiness Initiative?

What if you could accurately measure the happiness of your community based on parameters like physical health, material well-being, and even overall work-life balance? The Seattle-based Happiness Initiative is helping communities across the country do just that.

Take the 2011 Simplify the Holidays Challenge!

Too often, the holidays seem to exhaust rather than uplift us. Here's a fun way to simplify your holidays and raise funds for New Dream at the same time. Join us for the 2011 Simplify the Holidays Challenge! 

Healthy Communities for a Healthy Planet: An Interview with Alan Balch

The preventative health and environmental sustainability movements face a common challenge: getting individuals and institutions to change their habits. In this interview, Alan Balch, vice president of the Preventative Health Partnership, suggest some possible solutions. 

The Pervasiveness of Product Placement: A Review of Spurlock's Latest Film

Morgan Spurlock's recent documentary, The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, is humorous and at times seemingly absurd. But it showcases a troubling reality: advertising permeates all of our lives.

New Dream Web Roundup: Popular Stories from the Month

Occupy Movement Needs to "Think Big" About a New Economy

Living Lighter to Reduce Your Consumer Footprint 

Needed: The Solutions Generation

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