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May 2013

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"If only we could become a culture of community rather than stuff." —Suez Jacobsen, via Facebook
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Dear Friends,

This month, we introduce you to Ashley Whittenberger, the first "Dreamer" in our new Living the Dream series, which features folks from around the world who are living lives focused on “more of what matters."

We also highlight the latest video in our upcoming Guide to Going Local, coming out inJune; talk about new strategies for achieving work-life balance; offer tips for teaching your kids media literacy; share lessons from the recent garment factory collapse in Bangladesh; and interview New Dream board member and urban tactician Mike Lydon.

Enjoy the latest issue of In Balance!

—Wendy, Lisa, Wen, Guinevere, Anna, and the rest of the New Dream team


Living the Dream Series: Meet Ashley Whittenberger of Cosmic Acres

Meet Ashley Whittenberger, the first featured “Dreamer” in our new Living the Dream series. Over the coming months, we'll be introducing you to folks from around the world who are living lives focused on “more of what matters.”

Reinventing Our Streetscapes: An Interview with Urban Tactician Mike Lydon

New Dream talks with Mike Lydon,  founder of The Street Plans Collaborative, about his lifelong interestin cities and how he's devoted his career to making America's streets more walkable, safe, and enjoyable.

The Future of Work? Get On The Lattice or Die

How do you balance work and life in a financially tight and job-insecure world? First, forget about the corporate ladder. Read about alternative approaches to work-life balance in this excerpt from Shareable Magazine's recent book,Share or Die.

"Fast Fashion" Isn't Just Trendy and Glamorous: It Has Consequences

The recent garment factory collapse inBangladesh is a heartbreaking reminder of what the flip side of sustainable and conscious consumption is—and why we need to do better. Guest blogger Addison De Mastro points to lessons from the disaster.

VIDEO: Hold an Entrepreneur Showcase to Support Local Businesses

An "entrepreneur showcase" is a fun event that brings together local entrepreneurs who need funding and community members who want to investin local projects. Watch this video to learn more, and stay tuned for more action ideas as part of our Guide to Going Local, coming out in June!

Big Media, Big Bullying, and What You Can Do About It

Big media companies spend huge sums on anti-bullying messages, but they continue to air programs showing fighting and backstabbing. Faced with this hypocrisy, the real power lies in our own ability to filter their product. The LAMP's Emily Long offers tips for raising media-literate kids.

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