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March 2012

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March is the perfect time to start planning for your spring garden! Growing your own food is practical, rewarding,cost-effective, and fun.

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"I have just watched your new animation. We....are very impressed by both the message and the way you enunciate it. Excellent resource!" —Su Dennett, Hepburn Relocalisation Network, Victoria, Australia
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Dear Friends,

This month, we offer another sneak peek into our new Community Action Kit, with a fun video about a clothing swap in northern California. The Kit's first guide will focus on "Sharing Resources" in your community. We also learn about one woman's pledge to "make do" with what she has, review some great new green films, and interview renowned environmentalist Gus Speth.

Enjoy the latest issue of In Balance.

—Wendy, Kathy, Lisa, Wen, and the rest of the New Dream team


SNEAK PEEK Into Our Community Action Kit: How to Host a Clothing Swap

Clothing swaps are a fun way to declutter, refresh your wardrobe, meet new friends, and donate to a worthy cause. In this video, swap diva Suzanne Agasi shows New Dream how easy it is to host a clothing swap in your own home.

New Films Explore High-Consumption Lifestyles, Sustainable Solutions

During its week-long run this month, theSan Francisco Green Film Festival showcased more than 40 films on sustainability themes, including climate and energy, urban farming, sustainable urban design, and the impacts of our high-consumption lifestyles.

A Roadmap to a New Economy: An Interview with Gus Speth

New Dream talks with Gus Speth, renowned environmentalist and professor of law at the Vermont Law School, about the need to reshape the political and economic system to work better for all Americans.

Make it Do: A Year of Buying Only What I Need

“I’m not comfortable with how easily I spend money and buy things on impulse, simply because I have the luxury to do so," says Meg Hourihan. "This is a project to see what happens when I use what I have, for a year.”

When Planning Family Vacations, Don't Forget the Train

Traveling by train can be a magical alternative to the high-stress world of airports and Interstates. Guest blogger Suzita Cochran reports on the joys of riding the rails from Denver to Chicago with her husband and three kids.

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