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July 2013

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"I attended your webinar on How To Start a Seed Library...and wanted to let you know we are *nearly* ready for our soft-launch of The Cleveland Seed Bank on August 1st. Thank you again for all of your help!" - —Marilyn McHugh, The Hummingbird Project
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Dear Friends,

This month has been all about getting active and going local here at New Dream, with submissions from across the country for the Get2gether Neighborhood Challenge and the launch of our Guide to Going Local. We hope you'll check out the guide and share with us how you are building community locally!

Happy summer,

— The New Dream Team


It's Here! The Guide to Going Local

Last week we launched the latest in our guide series: the Guide to Going Local. This free, online resource is full of tips, resources, how-tos, and short videos about supporting small businesses, starting community investment clubs, encouraging green entrepreneurship, and building community pride.

Living the Dream Series: Howard and Marika Stone

At the end of successful careers, Howard and Marika Stone chose not to retire, and instead began new careers as a life coach and a yoga teacher, respectively. In 1998, they co-founded a website to advocate an alternative vision of the post-midlife years.

Essay: In Commerce We Trust?

Author Kelly Garriott Waite, whose essay collections examine the effects of consumerism on modern society, reflects on the need to reclaim trust and community in today's culture of hyper-consumerism.

Memory, Chicken Fingers, and Sustainability

We don't need to reinvent the wheel: much of what we call sustainability today was once simple common sense. Addison Del Mastro explores how we might not be very far from losing all living connection to this simpler time.

Well Being: Finding Your Family's Environmental Best

Trying to develop a deeper connection to nature for your entire family can seem like a daunting task, especially if you don't know where to begin. In the first of a four-part series, Aislinn Pluta helps you find your family's environmental best.

New Simplicity: The Living Room Revolution of Community

In her new book simplicity advocate Cecile Andrews focuses on the need to create a caring, collaborative culture in which people realize that they’re better together. She introduces the idea this month as part of a blog series on concrete steps we can take in our own lives toward these goals.

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