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July 2012

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Dear Friends,

We hope you're enjoying the long days of summer. This month, we feature an interview with activist and producer Laurie David, who talks about her recent book on family dinners and her upcoming film about childhood obesity. We also discuss solutions to declining self-reliance, profile a new documentary on conspicuous consumption, consider ways to broaden the appeal of the "new economy" movement, and invite readers to rediscover "the lost art of asking ourselves."

Enjoy the latest issue of In Balance.

—Wendy, Lisa, Guinevere, Wen, and the rest of the New Dream team


Family, Food, and Climate: An Interview with Activist and Producer Laurie David

This week, New Dream caught up with producer and environmental activist Laurie David (who produced An Inconvenient Truth) to talk about her recent projects, including her beautiful and informative book The Family Dinner.

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of... Versailles?

It’s easy to dismiss the Siegels, the unlikely stars of the new documentary "The Queen of Versailles," as outliers, with their outrageous consumption patterns and ostentatious taste. But for many people, the Siegels are still iconic expressions of the American Dream.

To Succeed, the New Economy Needs the Left, Right, Center—and God

In recent years, increasing attention has been paid to the emergence of a new economic system that prioritizes people and the planet over profits and GDP growth. But how do we get everyday Americans to embrace this alternative vision of prosperity?

What Happened to Self-Reliance and the Do-It-Yourself Ethic?(Part 2 of 2)

Across the country, Americans of all stripes are finding solutions to the problem of declining self-reliance. Not only is a change away from our fast-paced, throwaway society eminently possible, but it may already be happening.

The Lost Art of Asking Ourselves

When's the last time you stopped, looked around, and asked yourself what really makes you happy? It's time we reinstituted the lost art of asking ourselves about why we're making the important decisions in our lives.

Ladies, Enough With the Self Loathing: Go Body Positive

It’s no secret that our culture is awash in images and slogans of body negativity. We need to accept our bodies as they are and recognize the beauty and worth of every size. The best way to go "body positive"? Find self-love.

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