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February 2014

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Forget Fashion Week! Join Peers and New Dream as the Sharing Economy pushes back against high-fashion excess with locally organized clothing swaps!


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Webinar Recording: Organizing a Pitchfest

Pitchfests, also called entrepreneur showcases, are fun events where local entrepreneurs connect with everyday investors. Watch our latest webinar recording to learn how to organize a pitchfest in your own community.

Living the Dream: Carmella Rayone

After the financial crash of 2009, Carmella Rayone and her family became "simplicity shifters," moving to a small town in Wyoming and building a 665-square-foot cabin in order to focus more on the simple pleasures in life.

Three Reasons Why GMO Labeling Is a No Brainer

As debates rage over the safety of genetically engineered foods, it’s time for some new arguments in support of GMO labeling.

Seven Ways to Make Valentine's Day More Meaningful

Let's move past candy hearts, boxes of chocolate, and elaborate cards this Valentine's Day. Check out our seven ways to make Valentine's Day more meaningful.
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