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February 2013

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Be part of the Forward on Climate movement wherever you live. At the exact same time, you can join a massive, nationwide display of solidarity with a call for climate leadership on Facebook and Twitter.

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"I am a credit and budget counselor, and have been encouraging our community to spend less and enjoy more for 37+ years. Thanks for your work in the "simplicity movement"! —Kathryn Greiner, Ann Arbor, MI
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Dear Wen,

This month, we honor the season by featuring two posts on the topic of Valentine's Day, suggesting ways that you can "reboot" the holiday to bring meaning and gratitude.

We also tell the story of one man's attempt to travel the country using sharing services for rides and lodging; discuss the tradeoffs of clean energy for communities; and invite you to join us at this Sunday's historic Forward on Climate rally in Washington, D.C.

Enjoy the latest issue of In Balance.

—Wendy, Lisa, Wen, Guinevere, Anna, and the rest of the New Dream team


Happy Generosity Day 2013!

This Valentine's Day, instead of giving smarmy greeting cards and overpriced roses, why not commit to a simple act of kindness? Celebrate "Generosity Day" and counter the commercialism.

Homemade Valentines, Gratitude, and the Green Triangle

Guest blogger Suzita Cochran describes how her family's annual valentine-making routine became a way to practice gratitude and green living simultaneously.

The Great American (Collaborative) Road Trip

Last year, New Dream's Ryan Dwyer attempted to drive across the U.S. using collaborative consumption services to share rides and lodging. Here's what happened.

Join New Dream at the Forward on Climate Rally

This Sunday, February 17, thousands of Americans will head to Washington, D.C. for the largest climate rally in history. Join New Dream at this historic event and help President Obama start his second term with strong climate action.

Spreading the Sharing Message on MLK Day

In honor of Dr. King, students participating in our recent  "Me, We, New Dream" mural art project in Maryland explored ways to share resources, reduce their carbon footprints, and improve their communities.

Do We Need to Sacrifice Communities in the Name of Progress?

Environmentalists have an enthusiasm for all things green, and for good reason. But we sometimes forget that a green energy company is just that—a company. Blogger Addison Del Mastro discusses the new film "Windfall" and the clean-energy tradeoffs it presents.
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